Consumer Educational Software

Interactive Works develops software for publishing houses like McGraw-Hill and McDougal Littell that teaches learners many different types of educational and life skills. They include: how to read more efficiently, interpret visual information, solve mathematical problems, and communicate in a foreign language.

Example Projects: Instruction Targeted for TABE Success (McGraw-Hill), Author Study (McDougal Littell), The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice (McGraw-Hill)

Test Preparatory Applications

Gauging students' progress is most commonly done through testing, and test preparatory software allows students to easily evaluate their own progress. These programs also deliver immediate feedback about problem areas the student needs to work on before being formally evaluated. Practice testing also allows the student to become familiar with how a test is administered and the amount of time they will be allotted for each area of the test.

Example Projects: NCLEX-RN Review (McGraw-Hill), McGraw-Hill's: GED (McGraw-Hill)

Demos and Tutorials

As technology becomes loaded with more features and complexities, so too does the need for advanced demonstrations and tutorials. IW offers development services for demos and tutorials of technology products or any product that requires a comprehensive presentation.

Example Projects: Pinpoint Math Demo (McGraw-Hill)

Software Simulation

Why would your technology product rely on a basic help document or manual to guide users while they use your product? IW offers software simulation applications that can be integrated into your software's help system. Software simulation uses elements like animation and audio to guide users and explain how to complete a task.

Example Projects: FactForce (ADP), Online Catering Training (Hyatt Hotels)

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